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At Beneve, our commitment to both business and product innovation is ingrained in our DNA. We've created a solution to protect network marketers' business ownership with our Influencer Bill of Rights". This document establishes a new benchmark for fair and equitable treatment within the Direct Sales Industry.

Just as we’ve created a new benchmark for business protections for today's network marketer, so have we set a new benchmark for the level of compensation they can earn. Beneve significantly surpasses the standard industry compensation model of 50%, by funding our compensation plan with a full 65% on total companywide commissionable volume.

From a strategic product standpoint, our market-leading line is a game-changer, unrivaled in its nutritional and energy profile. Simply stated, we go beyond the conventional, utilizing our Xcelerate product line to break the devasting cycle of fatigue and weight gain. Going forward we will continue to develop cutting-edge products to further enhance our customer's health and wellness journey!

Beneve is where innovation meets purpose. We're not just another health and wellness company; we're architects of change, challenging the norm and redefining how a direct sales company partners with its members. We invite you to come join us on this incredible journey!

Become the best version of yourself with Beneve!

Beneve's Founder and senior leadership team stand out as top earners in the ever-evolving realm of the Direct Sales Industry. With an impressive combined experience exceeding 90 years, they contribute a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the forefront of Beneve's operations. Leading the company, our executives guide with a strategic vision and a dedicated commitment to excellence.

Their proven track record not only reflects individual successes but also signifies the collective strength that continues to propel Beneve to new heights. With a firm foundation, built on years of industry mastery, our Founder and senior leadership team will guide Beneve towards continued product innovation, and unprecedented growth. This ensures that our Influencers are presented with an unparalleled business opportunity within the Direct Sales Industry.